Garfield Avenue Renewal

Representatives Available By Appointment

The Garfield Avenue Renewal Company is a wholly owned subsidiary of PPG Industries responsible for assisting PPG with community outreach in Jersey City.

In support of PPG’s chromium cleanup commitments, representatives from the Garfield Avenue Renewal Company are available to meet with residents and other interested parties. Company representatives are available via:

PPG owned and operated a chromium manufacturing plant at 900 Garfield Ave., in Jersey City for about 10 years ending in the mid-1960s. Residue from chromite ore processing at the facility was used as fill at construction projects throughout Hudson County.

In June 2009, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection and PPG, in conjunction with Jersey City, agreed to a process for addressing the cleanup at 900 Garfield Ave., as well as the 13 other remaining sites under a 1990 administrative consent order. As part of the 2009 agreement, PPG accepted six additional cleanup sites, which are also subject to the joint process.

To learn more about the process for cleaning up PPG’s chromium sites in Hudson County and progress being made, visit the Chromium Cleanup Partnership website: